Gainsight 101: End User Introduction

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Whether you are an Administrator or a Customer Success Manager, this is the place to start. Gainsight 101 provides an overview of Gainsight from an End User or a CSM's perspective.

Administrators, you need to understand how the platform is used before you make changes that affect functionality. 

You'll Learn:

  • Key terms and concepts
  • The Five Pillars of Customer Success
  • Navigating Gainsight: How Gainsight provides the structure to support the Five Pillars of Customer Success
  • Using the Cockpit
  • Using the CoPilot

What's included?

2 Quizzes
1 Survey
5 Texts
Pamela Micznik
Pamela Micznik
Managing Director

About the instructor

Managing Director of Zenya Learning LLC, Pam has been engaging learners for over 20 years, both as a Trainer and an Instructional Designer. She has led thousands of training sessions to domestic and foreign audiences, both in-person and virtually.

As an Instructional Designer, Pam has created courses for small and large international organizations, delivering self-paced, eLearning, instructor-led and blended curricula. She uses a variety of techniques to ensure clear understanding and ongoing use of the concepts delivered.

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