Zoho CRM - Introduction to Sales Automation

An Example of a self-paced course for a SaaS application - video based

Zoho CRM is one of the most widely used Sales Force Automation and Marketing platforms available. 

This course gives an overview of CRM, what it is, and how it helps build a business from marketing, to sales, to servicing the customer.

It then focuses on End User functionality. It shows how the platform can be used to increase sales efficiency and improve your organization's bottom line. 

Course Curriculum

Zoho CRM - Introduction to Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation
Sales Force Automation Overview
Sales Process with CRM
Next steps

What's included?

1 Quiz
5 Texts
Pamela Micznik
Pamela Micznik
Managing Director

About the instructor

Managing Director of Zenya Learning LLC, Pam has been engaging learners for over 20 years, both as a Trainer and an Instructional Designer. She has led thousands of training sessions to domestic and foreign audiences, both in-person and virtually.

As an Instructional Designer, Pam has created courses for small and large international organizations, delivering self-paced, eLearning, instructor-led and blended curricula. She uses a variety of techniques to ensure clear understanding and ongoing use of the concepts delivered.


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